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To insure that all VAT documents required by HMRC are produced correctly you must keep an up to date record of all sales and purchases.

We offer a service that keeps all your records safe and up to date so the worry is off your shoulders.


Payslips can be a hassle that you just don't need, they are a defiant must if you possess in employees. If you're finding it hard to keep up to date with producing them, as bookkeepers we offer just that service.

Wages can take up a lot of your time and let's face it also a lot of your profit so it's essential that you make a habit of keeping a record of what all your employees worked so at the end of the month/week you are aware of what amount needs to be paid to whom.


Bookkeeping is a varied subject and is essential to have in a business so all your records are up date and not lost. It keeps your business's records organised, making one less thing to worry about.

For advice on which documents are important contact us and we can offer to you a consultancy so that you are aware in the future of what important documents should be filed where.

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"I found it difficult to find the time to do my bookkeeping and always ended up in a rush at the last minute. Taxsense now help me complete my books and I really appreciate their help. I have more time to do other important things for my business"

Mrs Jackson - Chichester

"Thank you for providing all the advice and support. We now run our business much more efficiently"

Claire & Peter - Whitely


Our Services

Expert tax advice explained in clear language.

We serve all kinds of business people. Our services are designed to help all kinds of business structures, Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies and Limited Partnerships, and we are prepared to offer general business advice.

Help & Support with your Bookkeeping

Our services within bookkeeping entail sending out envelopes to you personally or your business, the envelopes are labelled up for your benefit and ours. The main labels will consist purchases, sales, petty cash, and bank statements

If you own a pub or inn then you will receive more labels with wet purchases and sundry purchases. We send these out to our clients a month prior to the month start so they can start collecting all information as the month starts. Once you've brought the paperwork to us and we have received it, it will be scanned in and entered into a client document.

How we handle your documents:

  • Scan straight our office

At our office we use a system of scanners to record all your documents we receive to make work a lot more efficient and to benefit us as well as you. There are a team of people who will scan all day to ensure the paperwork is in and labelled up correctly to a central management system located from our office.

  • Secure carrier straight our office

We also provide the option to have all your paperwork collected and brought to us by a courier. There is also the option of you bringing the paperwork to us and we take it straight from you.

Help & Support with your Payroll

We provide a payroll service for those who need them; within payroll we produce weekly and monthly wages and also variable wages. We can also deal with all staff tax issues that you may have to take the stress away from you.

Payroll is also able to deal with p45, p14, and other documents you may have. This helps us to produce wage sheets which can be sent to you via post or e-mail on your request, we also keep saved copies of these encase you need to request prior pay slips for any reason, this is all a confidential and kept within our premises.


To save you those all important minutes we are able to produce wage slips that can be sent to you via email or post. All you have to do is keep a record of the hours that your employees have worked, deliver them to us by either phone or email.

Annual Return

On normal terms if you return your annual returns late (after 19th May), HMRC could give you a penalty of £100 per 50 employees.

If you do not have the time to complete your annual returns, don't fear because we can plan ahead so you won't even need to think about not meeting the dealine.

Payroll is made up of all financial records, including salaries for an employee, wages, bonus's and deductions. When referring to payroll in accounting it can seem like all there is to it is working out the sums, but when referring to it in business terms it's more about keeping your payroll data up to date and correct which is what we can make happen for you.

What we tend to focus on are the main points which are simply to ensure all employees are paid accurately, in the right timescales remembering to include all the correct withholdings and deductions.

Help & Support with your VAT

We offer you two options:

  • You keep an update and record of all your VAT on purchases and sales by keeping a spreadsheet up to date – then it's as simple as sending us the spreadsheet to be filed.
  • Your other option, send us all your receipts of purchases and sales which we then keep a bookkeeping account for you – this requires less work for you of course, as all that is required from you is sending your receipts to us via post.

If you're unsure of which route to take, it obviously depends on the amount of time you have to spend organising and filing also the knowledge you have. One of or services we offer to you is to be your bookkeeper, so we could take all the worry of the bookkeeping requirements.

When goods or services are purchased from a VAT – registered business in the UK, VAT is added to the initial price. VAT is also sometimes charged onto goods and some services that have been imported outside of the European Union and brought into the UK.

When selling to either another business or a non – business customer. If your business is VAT – registered you will have to pay the VAT charge when doing the above.

Any goods or services that your VAT registered business purchases, normally all the VAT you have paid, can be claimed back.

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